10 Jun

Hey everyone!

Well this past week has been crazy… I turned 21 last Thursday, so was celebrating my birthday all weekend, and then interned all this week.  And to top it off, I went to the Glee concert the other night!  Plus it’s been so gorgeous outside, so I’ve been spending my free time laying out by my pool!

I promise, I’ll be back soon!


Czech, mate – May 23

1 Jun

As part of our program, we were connected with Czech students from the Charles University. We called them “Czechmates.”  My Czechmate was Pavla, but she was sick all week so I didn’t get to meet her.  One of the Czechmates, Tomas works for the Senate, so on Monday he took us around.


It used to be an old castle, so the entire building was gorgeous. There was such a beautiful garden surrounding the place, including a lake with fish! However, the statues were a little violent.

Senate Gardens

Alicia and I decided that since this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we would skip through the gardens.

The pictures of us skipping aren’t on Facebook yet so I don’t have it to put here.  😦 but I’ll find them eventually!  We learned all about the history of the castle and saw such amazing architecture.  It’s really cool how functional such an old building is today.  There’s 81 Senators and they come from a bunch of different political parties.  Plus the Senate is the most important group in the government.  (I hope I didn’t mess up those facts!).  I also got to see the document where they agreed to split Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic!

After the Senate we met up with some more Czechmates, Marketa, Zuska and Klara.  They took us to a castle where we saw the changing of the guards!

Changing of the Guards

We also walked through a Cathedral and saw some of the most beautiful stained glass art ever.  It’s such an amazing feeling to be in buildings that were built hundreds of years before your country even was formed.

After we walked all over town (and a lot of uphill) and finally walked to a pub that had traditional Czech food.  And they brewed their own beer… not too shabby. I had a traditional Czech pork, with dumplings on the side.  I have no idea what the difference is between the two dumplings but they were both delicious.

Pork and Dumplings!

I also tried a dark Pilsner and we had Fernet, a traditional Czech liquor.  Many people mix it with tonic and put a lemon in.  It was a little bitter but tasted almost like a form of tea. Tomas tried beer ice cream and it was weird but it didn’t taste horrible.  He finished the whole thing!

Beer Ice Cream

We were at the pub for probably 5 hours, just sharing stores and learning about each other.  It was amazing.  We learned a new game where you flip a coaster off the edge of the table and you have to catch it.  I stunk at it but Maddy was a beast.

After, we went to the clock tower to see it light up, but it was only 11:00 and the clock lights up at 12.  womp.  But we walked around some more and finally took the metro home.  But not before getting a group picture.

And then, we went back to our bed and breakfast and just hung out until 4 in the morning. While we should have gone to bed earlier, it was great to bond with everyone and learn more about each other.  Even though I knew some of the girls before we left, it was nice to see a different side of them.

We learned just how crazy we all are.



Now Arriving: Prague

31 May

So this is part 1 in me documenting my Prague adventure.  I know it’s after the fact, but, I didn’t have much internet access so I couldn’t blog 😦 .

So me and 5 other girls took off on the 21st and arrived in Prague on Sunday, May 22.  It was gorgeous outside, and after another hour and a halfish of traveling, we finally arrived at our hotel.  Oh yeah, it was a 7 hour flight (sadly, I’ve been on longer). I got to share a room with Maddy, and a suite with Alicia (pronounced Alisha) and Michaela.

My and Maddy's room

But we only had time to get changed before we were off sightseeing! Also, the exchange rate was $1 = 17 Czech Crowns.  So it was awesome seeing the prices!

The Clock Tower

View from the Charles Bridge

We saw all over the Old Square, including the Charles Bridge.  It has a ton of statues all along it, and people set up little booths (mostly jewelry) and some people were playing music.  We ended up walking around there a lot and just taking in the city.  There were tourists everywhere and there were a ton of shops that sold the stackable dolls and marionettes.  We didn’t do too much because of jet lag and what not, but it was nice after a week of rain at home to be able to walk around in the sun.

But the best part of the day was, shockingly, the food.  We took the metro back towards the bread and breakfast and had dinner at a place called Coolna.  We got to eat outside and it was very quaint.  The menu was all in Czech so basically none of us understood it.

I ordered the Smazeny Syr (the bottom one).

Fried Cheese!

It’s fried cheese, tartar sauce, and french fries.  Basically it’s like a giant mozzarella stick, but like  500 times better.  I couldn’t finish the whole thing but it was amazing- and I hate tartar sauce.  But the best part of the meal was this:


I got to have my first legal beer (the drinking age is 18 there!).  It was a Pilsner and soo delicious.  Plus, the beers in the Czech Republic don’t have preservatives so you don’t get hangovers (#funfact).  The beer tasted delicious!

After that, we just called it a night because we all had jet lag.  But such an amazing start ❤

I Finally Gave In…

19 May

So my roommates have been blogging for a while now, Laura and Sara, and after spending a week trying to think of a witty name, I finally joined in.  Since my life is so all over the place, I decided my blog should be that way too.  I love to take each day as it comes and as bad as it may sound, I hate saying “no.” Some of the things you can look forward to me blogging about are…

1. My summer internship at Hey Cole!

2. My plans to eat healthy/diet on a college student’s budget

3. Fun ways to make money

4. Penn State’s THON

5. Penn State Homecoming

6. and a lot more.

But right now, all I can think about is Prague! I’m traveling there for nine days with some students from Penn State’s College of Communications and we’re going to see how corporations and media work internationally.  Plus, we’re getting to stay at a vineyard and tour castles and all throughout the city.  Needless to say, I’m excited.  But I am procrastinating packing because I like to spend my days with my two puppies…

Kira (left) and Sierra

They are thirteen months old and the loves of my life.  I love spending time with them and playing with them, although sometimes they’re exhausting.  Don’t worry, you’ll see tons of pictures of them- I always have my cell phone ready for when they look adorable.

Sorry I’m a little all over the place but that’s pretty much how life is, especially mine.  Bear with me as I figure out how I want to set up this site!